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Central Station Setup

The Permaconn solution requires two (2) active receivers to ensure 100% redundancy.

These receivers communicate with Permaconn communicators installed in the protected premises.

The IP CSRU & CSRU will interface with all common automation packages including (but not limited to) using the popular Ademco 685 protocol.

  • ADSW
  • Patriot
  • MASterMind
  • Manitou
  • DICE
  • CAMS


CSRU is a self contained 19” (1RU) GPRS receiver that operates as the secondary link between the Permaconn VPN and Central Station.

  • Receives signals from Permaconn, Risco and Safelinq devices
  • Can handle up to 20,000 outstations
  • Multiple 'Line' numbers
  • Reports operating status to monitoring centre software
  • LED and LCD display to clearly display status of CSRU
  • 3G Dual SIM for redundancy
  • Periodic Test Event sent every 20 min
  • RJ-45 ASW IP Interface
  • Two serial ports


IP CSRU is a virtual receiver software service that functions as the primary link between the Permaconn VPN and Central Station.

  • RS232 or TCP/IP Interface
  • AES128 encryption
  • Log file for alarm history and trouble shooting
  • Windows 32 or 64 bit
  • Fully supervised between IP CSRU and automation software

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