Permaconn leaders in GPRS security technology

There are eleven (11) ‘Fixed Price’ data plans available when utilising the Permaconn solution. Plans include a combination of communication paths and supervisory periods. These plans all comply with a particular class of monitoring from Class 2 to Class 5, with reference to the AS/NZ2201.5:2008 standard.

Plans vary in price according to the level of security required. Security companies can select a plan to suit their clients’ needs. Whether it’s the domestic dialler migrating from PSTN or a major financial institution, all users have a plan to suit their security requirements.

Permaconn GPRS/3G communicators can be activated on any wireless data plan, ensuring the security company only needs one model of communicator for all installations.

Supervisory Period

IP Only

Single SIM

Single SIM + IP

Dual SIM

Dual SIM + IP

Class 2 12 Hour


Class 2+ 1 Hour

P6 P8 P9

Class 3 120 Secs

P11 P13 P14 P15

Class 4 60 Secs

P19 P20

Class 5 20 Secs