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About NBN

The NBN is a Federal Government initiative to ensure all Australians can choose high-speed broadband. A network of fibre to the premises (FTP) services will be rolled out on a region-by-region basis, to 93 per cent of Australia's premises. Depending on the service rolled out to your street, the NBN may use a newly installed fibre optic cable, or the existing copper cabling in your street.

The NBN is being designed to have digital and analogue ports but many Retail Service Providers (RSP), will only offer the digital services which will provide voice communication using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology.

Most alarm systems are designed to communicate using the old copper analogue telephone system (PSTN), and not over VoIP based systems. Moving your home or your business to the NBN may lead to your alarm system being unable to communicate with the monitoring centre.

The National Broadband Network has placed the future operation, of more than a million monitored security alarm systems in doubt.

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The Permaconn Solution has been designed as a direct replacement for the telephone service provided by the NBN for alarm monitoring. There are two devices to choose from PM 35 (Ethernet only communicator) & PM 45-3G (Dual SIM 3G + Ethernet communicator)