Permaconn leaders in GPRS security technology

Atlas Web Platform

Atlas is a secure web based portal designed for use by Central Stations and Installers. Atlas enables users to interrogate Permaconn GPRS/3G/IP communicators remotely, a crucial tool for commissioning, diagnostic and control purposes.

Atlas has been optimised to display on Smartphones, iPads, PCs and all tablets using the devices default web browser.

All transactions are fully encrypted and communicators can only be accessed using the authorised Atlas profile - unique to each user, all transactions are recorded for security purposes.

Key Features

Activate comunicator 24/7 View last 100 events live
Output Control Displays Signal Strength
  • Communicator model
  • Power Supply & Battery status
  • Installation cabling conditions
  • Signal strength
  • Last 100 events in raw CID or text
  • Poll plan
  • Central station & Bureau name
  • Primary path
  • SIM card status
  • Poll path(s)
  • Panel phone number
  • Close, pulse or open outputs
  • Input status
  • Switch communicator to PSTN for ULD session, with dynamic timer display.
  • Default communicator - This will not change the reporting of the communicator.
  • Configure IP settings via GPRS / 3G path
  • Activate communicators 24/7, with automatic email or SMS notification to the Bureau.
  • Apply online for all Permaconn transfers.
  • Optimised for Smartphone displays.