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PCS (Panel Client Software)

Panel Client Software (PCS) is a virtual modem application that enables remote access to alarm panels using wireless (3G) or a hardwired (Ethernet) connection. PCS is a direct replacement for the traditional phone line & modem that is normally required to gain remote access to program alarm panels.

The alarm panel must be connected to a Permaconn PM45v3 3G, PM35v3 or PM1048 communicator that incorporates a ringer circuit and modem. This makes it possible to remotely upload/download to alarm panels that use BELL-103, ITU-V21, ITU-V22 and ITU-V22B modem formats.

Key Features

No telephone line required Automatic upgrade notifications Dynamic user display indicating connection status
No public IP addresses required Upload / Download with 3G 'Atlas' login icon

Supported Panels

Please enter your Atlas credentials to download Panel Client Software.